Musings of the Meandering Mind

This page is, as the name implies, going to be a collection of random thoughts, and musings. Very often they will not be related to anything tangible or useful in any way, shape, or form; but merely the scattered and figmented path in which my thought travels.



I was wondering today what a person hears, inside their head when they can’t hear at all. I hope that I will not offend here, for I don’t mean to be glib, or insensitive. I have an earnest curiosity, or maybe a scientific curiosity about what is sensed in the brain instead of sound. Is there complete silence. Does the brain create sound, or rhythm, or song? Does the brain create voices to accompany the faces, and words that it sees issuing forth from faces? If so, do those voices follow stereotypical vocal patterns?  A random thought for sure. I am sure there is no one certain answer for everyone, that it is different for different people. Like I said, random thoughts.


Discussing the Innate Mystical Qualities of the Closet

Perhaps, I am making up these relationships, but I think I am not. There seems to be in the world of  a child’s mind a very real fascination with cupboards, closets, and wardrobes. In trying to trace that fascination I explore literary uses of such rooms in magical contexts. There is first and foremost, THE wardrobe, of the Narnia Chronicles, that is the most blaring example of a magical closet that exists. Children who can enter in and discover a whole world of magic almost at their beck and call. I wonder if my daughters aren’t looking for Narnia in our pantry as they open and close the doors. I believe the best part of being a child is the ability to transport oneself from the mundane to the extraordinary in the blink of an eye.

Next we have the most recent example of a closet in magical contexts, although not the most relevant because (after all) the closet in and of itself is a plain thing. The world of Harry Potter is so magical that it naturally infuses ordinary things with magical qualities. The closet under the stairs although a prison of sorts for Harry, is nonetheless the setting for the birth of a magical story. Ok, I can feel the stretch on that one.

There is, of course another tale though, about a cabinet so infused with magic power that it gives life to a child’s favorite playthings. I hated the movie with a passion, but the story is intriguing. Like a microwave that magically zaps  food ready; this magic cabinet brings every child’s fantasy to life. Isn’t that really what children are mimicking when they give their dolls voices? They are giving their dolls a consciousness. I am always startled as a mom, when I hear their dolls repeating stern rebukes to each other. Is it an outgrowth of a childlike desire to control their environment? It seems like it to me, but then again, these are just musings. Perhaps the games are real, and the rest is fantasy. Who knows, not me.


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