About Skewampas


My name is Alycia Calvert. I am  a stay at home mom, a part time English Major, a hobbyist photographer and amateur Harpist. I love chocolate and run-on sentences. I am also a big fan of cookies and will grab out of any jar I can find. I would love to spend a year traveling the globe with my kiddos; Learning about different people and sucking up as much of this gorgeous planet as possible. For now, I content myself to taking incredibly fantastic road trips across this country.

I am all about creativity, and imagination. I love reading and writing stories that capture my children’s imagination. Most posts are obviously drafts, but I feel the process of writing is really important. I am constantly re-reading and revising old stories. This is a place to read new stories with your children. A place to join in adventures, to fall in love with princes, to travel to far away lands.

I would love to see my stories in every home, bookstore and library mua-ha-ha; and I feel very little shame in admitting that the very thought fills me with a greedy pleasure. So if you find a tale you love as much as I do make sure to SHARE! SHARE! SHARE!

The latest addition is a page recommending some of our family favorites. There are so many really fantastic books out there just waiting for discovery. So explore this fascinating world of literature with me.

Subscribe to my e-mail list, where I will send updates about new stories. But no worries, I won’t spam you. I hate that as much as you do. Go and “like” my Facebook page, and “follow” me on twitter as well to receive additional updates.

Please remember that all content on this webpage is my own, and not for copying, distributing, rephrasing, or any other manner of alteration or reproduction without express written consent of the author, Alycia Calvert. I love to have lots of vivid imagery on my site, and will therefore have artwork from various artists posted along with my stories. They are wonderful, talented individuals who also do not want their work used improperly. I have given their names and store links in case you would like to view and purchase more of their work. Please treat their work with the same respect as I hope you are treating my own. I thank you so very much for visiting, and please come back often!

Thank you so much,

Alycia Calvert



6 Responses to About Skewampas

  1. Sean says:

    Very cool idea! Looking forward to the stories to share with our girls!

  2. Laura Jacob says:

    You are so good at this!!!

  3. Colette says:

    Fantastic Idea, keep it up – your great!!

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