Orange eye brows

In thinking of The Velveteen Rabbit or How Toys Become Real. . . By Margery Williams

Of all the toys in the playroom the best was the old grey bear. Ethnie had colored all on his face with nail polish, so he had orange eyelashes to this day. Afton cut his hair with kitchen shears a few weeks ago, so he was bald in spots around his ears and tail. Yet, Mom just couldn’t get rid of him. Though we had cleaning raid after cleaning raid, that bear remained. He was hers after all, long ago, when she was a girl. She was eight when he had been given her. She says they were friends for a long time. During the raids she would pick him up, and her eyes would go back and forth between the bears scarred chocolate eyes and that cavernous black bag. Then she would smooth his ears and place him gently back in the toy bin.

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