Melting (Rough Draft for a new Picture Book)

Pages 1-2: When the snowcaps melted Koog and her family thawed out. Then they woke up, . . .

(Show stone age family rubbing their hands together in an icy cave, There should be 4-5 of them, Ooopah, Momah, Iffah (big brother), and Koog the youngest. Koog, plays fetch with a huge bone and the family pet, a baby mastadon)

Pages 3 -4: They traveled near and far in search of food. Ooopah hunted, and the others scavenged.

(Show them in a convenience store called “Near and Far”.  Ooopah weilds his club like a sword, older family members carry as much food as they can, (Koog standing on the baby mastadon’s back drinking open mouthed from the slurpee machine. Other patrons appear shocked at the appearance of the strange family. People gas up space age floating vehicles outside the door, some might be plugged in)

at the end of Page 4: They found the new food strange and unsatisfying,

Pages 5-6: (No words, only an image of the lot of them passed out on the sidewalks in various forms of lethargy, hands faces and chests covered in chocolate and white donut powder. Koog should be up a tree fast asleep. The mastadon should curled like a puppy with its tail around it. There should be emptry wrappers and half-finished bits of food on the ground around them.)

Pages 6-7: the creatures odd and unusual,

(Show Ooopah, confusedly holding his club next to a dented vehicle. It’s clear that he just struck the vehicle from its flight path, and knocked it into the bushes. The family hides in the bushes while Koog stands defiantly behind Ooopah and the mastadon growls at the driver; who leans out of the window and yells at them.)

Pages 8-9: and the others of their kind, aloof.

(Show people in a city commuting to work on their hoverboards, zoned out on “in-ear” cell phone conversations. One mom on hover board has two children in descending height following her, each on their own device.  Show Momah trying to shake hands with the tech mother as she glides past. Momah holds her children with her free hand, Iffah holds Koogs hand, Koog holds the mastadon by the tail. So we form a sort of triagnular composition between mothers and their descending children.)

Page:10-11 (Show them hudled together as a family, Ooopa’s arms around his wife and kids. They are tired and lonely. The Sun hangs low in the sky, signalling the onset of evening.)

Page: 12- 13: As their first day in a new century closed, the family sought shelter. What they found was a campground

(Show their first real excitement as they walk into a sparklingly clean KOA. There is a glistening pool, complete with pink flamingo, umbrella and floating raft; and a campsite with trees, a roaring fire and a vintage looking teepee. In the next campsite is a space age, floating Airstream, with skeptical occupants peeking out of the window at them.)

Page 14-15:

Warming themselves around a warm fire was the perfect way to end the day, and Koog fell asleep under the blanket of bright stars.

(. . . .just like it sounds)

Page 16:

(Show Ooopah picking up the Camp Host name badge and the sillouhette of the camp host frantically fleeing into the lights of the distant city.)

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One Response to Melting (Rough Draft for a new Picture Book)

  1. laura jacob says:

    so creative!

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