Bobby’s Bubbles

Tubby is my best friend.

We splash and play together.

I even find excuses to see him.

If I play in the mud, I know I’ll get another visit with Tubby,

We have great fun, pouring water on the bathroom floors.


Sometimes, I paint with pudding on the walls, then I get another playdate.

I bring out my boats. He tries to sink them, and I fight to keep them afloat.

When I eat my spaghetti I know I’ll see him soon.

Tubby speaks blurble, he says Bor-ble-borgle

Which is a story about how bored he was before I came to live here

The last person was a grandma who didn’t play at all.


Occasionally I have accidents, they make me feel icky.

But Tubby doesn’t seem to mind. He slurps the dirty water down with a grateful burp.


Do you want to know the truth? Most of the time I don’t really need a bath,

but I know how much he loves the water.

He says sluuuuuuuuuurp-glurp, which means, “I’m so thirsty I could drink an ocean.”

So I fill the tub to the top. Mom says, “save some water for the fishes,”

But I don’t know any fishes. So I save the water for Tubby.

The best part is when he drinks so fast that the water spins in circles. Mom calls it a Worldpool, but I think she’s wrong, It’s a twister.


Yep, my friend Tubby is pretty great. In fact, it might be time for another playdate.

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