A new mission for my elf on the shelf


So, I had already invested in the elf before I realized why it is that I don’t like the idea. I hate the idea of having a trouble causing elf tattling on my kids for their shenanigans. Seems a little hypocritical, honestly. So what do I do? My kids love the elf.

I’ve recently become acquainted with kindness elves. I don’t want to go out an invest in another elf, so what do I do? Invent a story, which you all know I am good at. Our elf has had a change of heart. From now on, our elf on the shelf is a kindness elf. That simple. I even wrote a small (very weak) little poem, about her change of heart. I think this is an idea I can dig into, better yet, my kids are stoked to see what fun ideas she cooks up. Some days we’ll have service planned, others we’ll have notes acknowledging kids kind deeds.

I understand that we all have bad days,

But most things you do are worthy of praise,

So here is a fact I know to be true,

Santa gives gifts because he loves you,

I’ve thought a lot about you guys

You’re so good and kind that in my eyes,

You deserve much more than a spying elf,

So when I sit upon my shelf,

I’m going to do more than tattle on you,

I’ll watch the beautiful things you do,

Helping a sister or friend will be,

A much more important thing to me,

My M.O. has changed, I’ve grown up, I’m different

I’m not the same elf on the shelf Santa sent.

I’m all about kindness and service to others,

Together we’ll help, friends, neighbors, sisters and brothers,

Watch for my missions, we’ll do them together,

For this is the way to make christmas time better.

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One Response to A new mission for my elf on the shelf

  1. laura says:

    i think that this is a great idea! Its way too easy to notice the negative. im sure that recognizing the positive will create the spirit that you want in your homes.

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