Stalking Moon

   Climb into the  car,  yet he just sits

there watching us. Face          bright as a bulb, glowing

with borrowed light. “Look Mom, he’s following us.” she says, excited

       he’s noticed. Her face glows     like the sun and I smile, excited for her excitement.

We turn a corner and he turns too, should I be afraid or       flattered by his attentions?

Turn by turn,        mile after mile, he tracks us endlessly. Hours later we arrive. The stage is

dark around him. He sits       taller in his couch, Staring down at us. There’s no menace in

his gaze. But for him our path would be black. I wonder, she’s fast asleep, but I ponder

still. Has he changed his focus, or is it I? He still sits, showing us  a        big, wide

toothy grin.I realize, he hasn’t really moved at all, that

we’ve been watching him.

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