Cloud Control

When you feel the wind blowing and the sky grow dark, beware,

that’s when you know a cloud fight is brewing.

Great white giants bustle so quickly across the sky,

 The wind whips across your cheeks.

You know they’ve gotten an invitation to the hippest soiree.

They rush and push to arrive on time.

They clump together in one big group; dancing, and bumping

without the least regard for anyone else.

Someone pushes Carl Cloud, which is a big mistake

His face turns gray and he lets out a deep wail.

Carl’s mommy is on the scene. Huge, dark and angry. She lets out a huge, booming yell. Suddenly all of the kids are crying. There are puddles everywhere. Other moms join in. Charlotte’s mom yells at Carl’s mom, who booms to Curtis mother. Even the moms jostle and push each other. The fight becomes really heated before Camilla joins the scene and tells everyone to mellow out. Which starts a new round of jostling and pushing.

Their faces are blotchy, and they’ve lost their steam

Their voices are hoarse from yelling.

The kids run out of tears.

They each mumble

fervent apologies,

 sorry, again

but I think we all know, it’s just a matter of time.  . . before the next cloud clash.

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2 Responses to Cloud Control

  1. Jenny Ballif says:

    Love it.

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