If I were a Giant

I sometimes wish I were something else, something wonderful, magical or . . . huge. 


Sometimes I wish I were a giant,

I would help people get their cats and kites out of trees.

Or I could make a swimming hole for the local kids, I would run, then jump as high as I could go. When I landed I would make a nice shallow pool for them to enjoy on a hot day.

In the fall I would blow all the leaves into a huge pile, and the neighborhood kids would get to jump in the most epic leaf pile ever. 

I love looking at the stars, so I would hike to the tops of the mountains and sit up where the skies are the clearest. Then I would move the stars around and create new constellations for all of my friends. 

When I grew up I would backpack the world; which I could do in about a day because I would take steps so huge that I could cover more ground.  

Yeah, life would be pretty sweet if I was a giant.

But I might miss sleeping in my comfy bed at night. 

Playing hide and seek would definitely not be as much fun as a giant though, and it’s my favorite game. 

Plus, I would need to eat about a million pounds of food a day, and I would probably be hungry all the time. 

So, . . . maybe being a giant isn’t such a great idea. 


BUT, what I’ve really always wanted to do is FLY! ! !


Thanks to The Bensons, Cooks, and Toblers for the inspiration. 

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One Response to If I were a Giant

  1. Laura says:

    Cute, cute

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