A letter for my girls

We had one of the best days ever yesterday at the amusement park. I was so proud of you when you assertively asked for help as soon as you saw a need. I was also proud when you repetitively let your sister go on the scariest rides with me. Your courage, and your kindness, these are just some of the things that will make you great women someday. We had so much fun together. Yet I worry; after seeing countless teenage couples locked in octopus-like groping sessions; if you might have a skewed idea about yourself as a woman, or at least the role love will play in your future. So I want to tell you the truth about yourself, and love, and about the men who will love you.

First about you. There were hundreds of girls and women at the park who literally pranced in their short shorts, some so short it suprised me they covered underwear at all. They pranced with well-styled hair, and low-cut and midriff baring shirts; all to get men to notice them. Perhaps they delude themselves that they dress for comfort, but that can’t possibly be the case. Subconciously they tug and pull, trying to conceal the parts their clothes so boldly revealed. Their bright make-up, and bold vulgarity almost convincingly disguise the insecurity lying beneath. I will say this simply, If you feel the need for all of those things then there is something else you are missing. Forget love and romance, you will never be the person you want to be when the only asset you feel like you can assert is a physical attractiveness. You don’t need to be skinny like the girls on the magazines. If their pain were as prominently displayed as their beauty, it may not seem as attractive. Yet, pain doesn’t sell, only beauty sells, Don’t become a marketing target. You don’t need lips or hair like anyone else. Just be you. Try things out, and see what things fit you.

Second, the love story. Let’s look at him. I can tell you from experience what love will not look like. He will not be someone who will test the boundaries of your emotional well being by parading how far he can get with you in public. He WILL be someone who makes you feel comfortable, and challenges you to be better. He will be someone who will stay up talking to you on speakerphone for 4 hours straight while you drive home from a theme park, just to make sure you don’t fall asleep. I knew that I loved your Dad because I felt myself growing when I was with him. I knew that he respected me enough to tell me the truth, which was that I could be more than a face. This is the kind of guy who will encourage you to be the best. This is the kind of love story that will turn into a legacy, not a tragic lonely depletion.

I don’t want you to waste your life looking for someone, or waiting for someone to come along though. You are more than a princess in a tower. You are strong, kind, intelligent, gifted and beautiful and you will do great things. There will be many who come along promising adventure, and romance. Don’t be fooled by the superficial façade. You may meet someone sooner or later. But until then go to college, travel, write, paint, sing, play in symphonies, start a garage band with friends, serve a mission, run marathons. There is so much more to life than the physical, so live it up. Don’t envy, it makes you smaller. Don’t procrastinate, life is too short. Finish what you start. Everyone can teach you something, so don’t judge anyone.  But most of all, Love God, and trust yourself.

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One Response to A letter for my girls

  1. cutelikeme says:

    I adore this! An excellent post and excellent advice for the little women we are raising! love it!

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