Dinosaurs love to eat macaroni and cheese. When they eat it they their faces glow a sort of pinkish color, because they are so excited to have their favorite food. Then they make a high-pitched honking sound, and dig right in. Then they get a huge massive stomach ache because macaroni is not a good food for dinosaurs. They should eat leaves or meat instead. Macaroni is not a good food for dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs love to jump on the trampoline, but when they jump they are too heavy, and the trampoline doesn’t bounce. The Triceratops walks to the middle of the tramp, it sags under his prodigious weight. The springs stretch far beyond their recommended limit. Then, a huge hole rips through the middle of the trampoline. Dinosaurs and trampolines do not go together.

Dinosaurs love soccer, but they are much too strong for such a small ball. The Tyrannosaurus Rex runs up and down the field. He is wide open as his teammates head toward the goal. They kick the ball to him. He kicks the ball so hard with his sharp toes that it punches a hole in it. The ball goes whistling around the field and lands flat in the middle. Dinosaurs are not good at soccer.

Dinosaurs love to go swimming with their cousins. The Brontosaurus is very safety conscious. He always wears his dino-floaties. He wears plenty of sunscreen to the seashore, because his skin is sensitive. He walks up to the water’s edge, he covers his nose, and does the world’s largest cannonball. He creates a wave so large that it forms the worlds saltiest lake. Dinosaurs are not good swimmers.

There are many things that dinosaurs just aren’t good at, but there is one thing that dinosaurs are good at. The dinosaurs love the hokey pokey. They stomp their heavy feet in, and they stomp their heavy feet out. They shake their heavy bodies all about. They do the hokey pokey, and turn themselves about. That is what they’re all about!

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