OK, this is not a fully functioning story yet, the point eventually is to develop it to the point where the reader feels like the less you know the less you need to know (and vice versa). But this is a very rough draft.

The sun glints off the shiny blue pebbles underneath me. The water sparkles above me. My brother and sister are playing tag, chasing each other around in circles. I have to duck behind the suit of armor to avoid being knocked over. It really irritates me when they get on that way. I go back to thinking about my home. It is small really but wonderful, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. My parents are still sleeping in the big scuba head. I look out of my window and I see couches and chairs arranged in a square, There is a big box on the wall that sometimes has the most beautiful colors on it. I’m getting hungry, I think it’s about time to eat, sure enough here comes the tall air fish. I bob up to the surface, trying not to attract my sister and brothers attention. I would love to eat without having to engage in a shoving match. It’s no good, I feel a rush on both sides of me and realize this is not going to be the easy breakfast I was hoping for. I hear the air fish “ooowwww woooorrrdy” They sound so strange. It takes forever for it to give us our food. Finally I see the delicious flakes falling toward me I rush to the top, opposite, my sister and brother, and eat as many as I can, mmmmm. I don’t know how to describe it, but it is so fresh, so foreign to anything else I will  experience. My parents meander out of the den, and have a few stray pieces that my siblings have missed. They are wrestling now, probably over a flake that they both wanted. Our days are pretty much standard here. We always do the same things. It is wonderful.

Then strange things start happening, she reaches in with a little net and takes us out one by one, she put us in a small fishbowl on the windowsill. I looked out and saw a green trees, and blue skies. The yellow sun shone brilliantly in the sky. Then I saw something else, something rippling and pure, something huge and blue. I saw dolphins jumping among the waves and wondered if there could possibly be more than I had thought before. I wanted to learn everything I could about that sparkling blue ocean. I knew one thing for sure, I could never look at my little tank the same way again.

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One Response to Fishtank

  1. laura says:

    I love reading your stories, I feel like I’m going on an adventure!

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