Information Ants

Have you ever wondered how things work? The computer, for example. how does it get all of those facts on the screen. I think that behind the scenes, there are ants scurrying to and fro. They pick up a tidbit here, and a morsel there, and when they are through they feast on the unused pieces of the information train. Ants are very slow so that would explain why some mornings my computer would seem to creep ever so slowly. There are other things that I wonder about though.

What about the car, I imagine there are gnomes in there really doing the work. I’ll just bet they run on little wheels attached cleverly to the tires. My mom says she fills the car up with liquid gold. Those gnomes must have extravagant taste, but who can complain they are really quite speedy. Because of the amazing speed that they work, mom’s gotten three speeding tickets. I think the gnomes in some peoples cars must be feeling awfully ill. I once saw a car with thick smoke coming out of the back, and it made an awful smell. I saw an advertisement for a car doc once, I think they should take their gnomes to see him.

The lawnmower is something I just don’t understand, I think there are scissors inside, and little cows live in there. It is there job to push the scissors open and closed. They are so noisy though. They all chatter and moo at once, and they are so smelly and gassy. I wonder why my Dad doesn’t get a lawnmower like our neighbors have, theirs is so nice and quite. Dad says ours is loud because it’s so old, I think the cows must get grumpy being so old.

There must be lake in the walls of my house, because when we turn on our faucets, water rushes out!There must be lots of it there because we don’t ever seem to run out of water. It does get cold sometimes though, like when my big sister Lisa has been in the shower for a really long time. I think that’s because there is a volcano under our house that heats the water, but only the water closest to the ground. When we run out of the water closest to the ground we have to wait until more heats up, which should only take a minute because volcanoes are so completely hot!

Mattresses, how can they possibly be so lumpy! I think that there must be moles living inside, and all we really need to do is get a mallet, and hammer those guys out. I think that would do the trick.

There are so many unanswered questions, I guess I never will know the truth to all of them. But for now, I like to guess.

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One Response to Information Ants

  1. laura says:

    That was so cute. I would love to see illustrations for it!

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