One Day

It was still dark out when I felt Dad nudge me. It was time to get up. The mornings always came too soon. I rolled over, wanting to get more sleep, but Dad insisted. “Come on Dell, you’re gonna want to wake up for this one.” Every day my father woke us up early so we could get our chores done before school. My name is Adeline, I am the middle child, which means I am not the first and I am not the last. I just am. It was really early today, I wondered why we were getting up so early. No one else was getting up yet. I wondered why they didn’t have to get up. I put on my clothes quickly, and went to the living room where Dad was sitting on the couch. He whisked me out the door, school didn’t start for hours, I didn’t understand where we could be going. I asked him and he said, “Shhh. You’ll see.”

I followed him to the truck, there were sparkling crystals on the windows. If I hadn’t been so cold I might have thought them beautiful. The sun was just starting to peak over the mountains in the distance, the air was grey and still. There was a hot chocolate in the cup holder which I grasped to warm my freezing hands. I sat inhaling the warm delicious smell of cocoa. As I opened my eyes I noticed we were heading out-of-town. I wondered where we would go. We drove for a long time towards the mountains. Silhouetted against the rising sun, they were a glacial purple.

I fell asleep sometime on the drive, although Dad promises we didn’t drive for more than an hour. When I awoke, I was out of the orange and green of the desert. There were tall evergreens around me, and snow-covered the ground. There was no one else on the road, and the snow looked untouched. My father was looking for something special, he almost stopped several times before changing his mind. We stopped in front of a white field. There was a straight hill towering over a  large valley

It was just the right spot, I could feel his excitement. He reached behind the seat of his little double cab pickup truck and handed me my snow clothes. I quickly dressed and met him outside. He grabbed my gloved hand and pulled a sled from the back. We began the long hike across the valley, and up the hill. When We got to the top I almost backed out, the bottom was so far away! He would have none of it though. I felt like a train going down that hill, we were so fast. We went again and again. When I couldn’t climb the hill any longer he pulled bagels from the truck.

Then he rushed to the side of the valley and started collecting snow and piling it up in a mound. I ran to the opposite side, and did the same. My fort was fantastic, just big enough for me, I wouldn’t feel a thing. I made a pile of snowballs and pelted one across. I ducked just as one flew by my ear. I threw snow balls until my arms hurt. I was about to give up, when I say Dad raise his beanie with all the colors high on a pole. I had one! I ran over and crushed his fort to pieces.

My stomach started rumbling with hunger, and I knew it was close to lunchtime. Again, seemingly out of nowhere, he pulled mugs of hot soup from his truck. We sat eating for a long time, and I was glad we had come. After we finished eating, he started the car and we headed home. As I watched the snow thinning on the sides of the road I felt my excitement waning. I didn’t want to go home yet. He seemed to understand, so one last stop we made before we got home was to the grocery store. He let me pick out a special treat, brownies, to bring home and share with my sisters. I have many great days in my life, but that one was my favorite day with my Dad. The day I was not the oldest, or the youngest, and it didn’t matter because I didn’t feel like a middle either.

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One Response to One Day

  1. Laura Jacob says:

    I like how it ends, the final comment-cute

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