Brain Wax

I used to watch lots of tv. I loved it. I couldn’t wait to get home so I could veg out in front of my favorite show, “Jellyfish Jungle”. It was about a superhero named Jellyfish who fought crime in the Jungles of South America. My mother said it was ridiculous and mind numbing. I didn’t know what that meant. I was curious, what did she mean? What does numb mean? I wanted to know, so I asked my Dad. He explained that numb is when you can’t feel a part of your body anymore. That didn’t make sense, because I never felt my brain. I thought she was just being silly, and there really mustn’t be any harm at all.

The next day I was watching my favorite show, and my brother walked in and said the strangest thing. He told me that if I watched too much television, my brain would rot, turn to ooze and come out of my ears. Now I knew that couldn’t be true. He laughed, “Oh yeah,” he said, “I bet your brain is already turning to ooze, get a q-tip and clean your ears out. I bet your ears are full of brain mush.” I was too curious to pass this off without trying it. I had to find out if he was right. I ran quick to the bathroom, and grabbed my mothers big fat cotton swabs, and delicately rubbed it around in my left ear. I pulled it out and was terrified to discover that my brother spoke true! It was covered in yellowish goo!

I was curious though, did all shows turn my brain to mush? Or were there certain shows that made my brain ooze more than others. I decided to conduct an experiment. I went for a whole week only watching, “Jellyfish Jungle.” By the end of the week I had 7 cotton swabs covered in yellow goo. I had to hide them in a box under my bed or else Mom might have thought they were garbage. She always throws out the best stuff! As I was saying, the second week I only watched The “International Geolographic Channel” during the second week. At the end of the week I had seven more mustard colored swabs, just as yellow as the first set. I was astonished! I decided then and there never to watch television again. After all, a mind is a terrible thing to waste!

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