A Monkey Fable

"Monkey of Fashion" created by Ethnie Calvert! Thank you !

Ooomah is a humble little monkey in the jungles  of Woohaa, well that is what the monkeys call it at least.  It is a nice place, where the creatures can bask in the  green glow of the sun through the thick tropical leaves on the trees. It is warm and moist. The flowers bloom year round in colors that astound the eye, vibrant yellow, ruby-red, purple, azure blue. It is a wonderful place for a monkey. One day tall long creatures come through the jungle with heavy club-shaped feet, and drab tan fur that looks stiff, and on their heads they wear rotten coconut shells. They are strange creatures. Oomah watches them, and wonders why they have come. One of them digs into the pouch on his back and pulls out the most beautiful gold bar Oohma has ever seen. It makes a crunchy sound as the man pulls it apart, inside it is a log that the creature sticks into its mouth whole. How barbaric, the food lolls around in the creatures lazy jaws, and some spills out. While he walks, a bag filled with gold things manages to fall from the creatures pouch, but he doesn’t notice. Ooomah is curious, but because these new creatures scare him, he waits.  He listens for footsteps, but there is no other sound. The creatures have left his part of the jungle. Ooomah swoops down swiftly and snatches the bag from the ground.

Oomah carries it back to his arboreal home and inspects it. He finds the hole and grabs one of the noisy gold packages, he tries to rip it as the creature did, but to no avail. He tears into it with his teeth and is surprised by the sweet and crispy combination. That gold part tastes horrible! The brown chewy part is the most delicious thing that Oomah has ever eaten. He reaches for another, and eats it as quickly as the first. By this time a crowd of his monkey family has gathered around him. He hides the bag underneath the leaves in his nest and pretends to sleep. Only his muscles start to twitch, and his feet felt like running. He tries to suppress the urge, but it grows inside him, stronger and stronger! Suddenly he lets out a desperate scream! OOOOOWAAAAAH-AAAAH-AAAAH-AAAAAH! He does the most incredible dance! The rest of his family think this is hilarious, they want to join in. They find the bag under the leaves, and quickly discover how to open the bars. In moments the entire jungle is alive with dancing, wriggling monkeys! It is a party like never before. Oomah feels exhilarated! He has never felt so wonderful and happy.

After dancing for a while Oomah falls flat on his face, he suddenly can’t move any of his limbs. He now feels sluggish, like a sloth. One by one all of his family members likewise drop. He looks at the beautiful gold wrappers and curses them for playing this awful trick on him.  After that Oomah makes sure never to eat anything more exotic than an over-ripe banana.


That which at first might entice, in the end will cost a price

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