Fly Little Bird

For Afton, my own little bird.

I am a like a bird. I love to spread my wings.

I am curious, and bright, and I love to explore my world.

Sometimes I am like a parrot, I love to learn and immitate.

What did you say? I said it too.

I am fast like an ostrich,  If you’re not watching I might get away,

my long legs are growing, and I love to run and explore.

I have eyes like a falcon, I can spot the tiniest yummy morsels on the floor,

even from my countertop perch.

But  I am also like an owl, I am intense and intelligent

wise and thoughtful I learn and grow.

Occasionally I can be fierce and aggressive like a cassowary,

I can throw a tantrum that would make the bravest adventurer tremble.

More often I am gentle and playful like a penguin.

I love to laugh and play all day.

Once in a great while I am like a small hummingbird,

I float here and there softly, lightly. I curiously search for adventure.

Then there are times when I feel cuddly, and affectionate like a lovebird.

I just love my mom and dad.

I am a little bird and I am fantastic.

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