The Hide-away house

Regina Shmillionaire was a famous millionaire,

She had jewelry and money to spare,

Still she wasn’t satisfied,

“There’s just something missing, I fear.”

Regina traveled by air practically everywhere,

To London, Tokyo and Zaire,

Still she wasn’t satisfied,

“Things are the same there as here.”

Then she took a vacation to a different kind of location,

It was an ultra top secret operation,

put into action by her secretary Mark,

“She needs to see more of this nation.”

So secretary Mark took her to a national park,

 it was there that she really caught spark,

she wanted it all,

“I want a house built underneath that very arc.”

Sitting on granite, she had an architect plan it,

it would be the finest dwelling on  the planet,

Mark was appalled,

“That’s it, your crazy! I quit”

The government wouldn’t allow it, it would destroy the habitat,

But Regina hired engineers to build her mansion in secret,

they built entirely at night,

physicists devised the worlds first sound forcefield. so no one would suspect,

Her home was built underneath the mountain dome,

she would push a button and out her balcony would come,

then she could drink lemonade on the veranda,

gaze at the pristine landscape, and watch the animals roam.

Regina felt cool under her eaves; heard the lovely, soft wind in the trees,

and heard the call of her destiny on the breeze,

she found and rehired Mark, as executor of her resources,

she spent her millions buying and preserving natural territories.

And that is the story of Regina Schmillionaire, the spoiled yet wonderful millionaire.

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