The Girl With a Vegetable Mouth

Illustration by Emaline! Awesome, Thank you!

There once was a girl who was most unruly. She was almost rotten as far as I am concerned. She would never listen, she always had to have things her way. One night whilst at dinner her mother told her to eat her vegetables or she would get no sweets. She argued and complained, and then came up with a brilliant plan. She hid her veggies under her tongue, then showed her mother her empty plate.  Her intention was to spit the green and orange stuff out after dessert, but she forgot. She ate her chocolate pudding with whipped cream on top, in complete satisfaction. The veggies sat there for a night, and a day, and a week. After that week the girl noticed a funny feeling in her mouth. her teeth , and gums were feeling a little sore-ish, not to mention the fact that her tongue was starting to feel a little squished in her mouth. The next morning, upon glancing  in the mirror she was surprised to see her mouth a mass of green and orange sprouts. She needn’t have been surprised at all. Children who are naughty must always come to expect foul occurrences as one almost always reaps what they sow. She began to cry, and she ran from her house in shame, fearing that her mother might see through her trickery, and punish her sorely. Worse still, she might be sent to the dentist! A decidedly unpleasant experience!

She ran deep into the thicket behind her house and promptly lost herself in the woods. In the golden light of a warm spring, the girl quite forgot that there was an herb garden sprouting in her mouth and had a merry time playing amongst the grasses, flowers, and towering trees. That night she fell asleep on a mossy log, with crickets lulling her to sleep. In the morning she awoke with a gnawing pain in her stomach, and looked around for something to eat, she was lucky to spot a thorny blackberry bush nearby and was able to, with much maneuvering, get a few berries through the now tangly mess of vines bursting from her mouth. She was thirsty, but remembered her fathers warning to never drink from pond or lake water, without first cleaning the water. Having no way to boil the water she proceeded through the woods, wondering about how to solve this most recent dilemma.

While she walked she picked at her mouth sprouts, and dropped them for a little bunny who was on the side of the path. The bunny ate the scrap gratefully, and then there were suddenly, magically almost, two little bunnies crouched on the side of the path. They looked at her with huge, imploring eyes; pleading for more food. The girl thought they looked so sad and a tiny bit skinnier than what a rabbit should be.So that she pulled more off for them to nibble. No sooner had she done so when four more materialized from the bushes. She felt that this was a brilliant game, what fun to have so many wonderful friends around her. She pulled more veggies out and fed more of the bunnies. As she fed the bunnies more would come from the surrounding forest. Before she knew it she was thronged by hundreds of adorable, hungry looking rabbits with with fluffy white tails. The veggies in her mouth seemed to not to grow any less, and She began to feel a little crowded amongst so many small scavengers. She looked for a path of escape. However, the hopping creatures were right behind her, to the left, the right and in front. She started feeling a little frantic, as she realized that she could not take a step without stepping on one of the tiny creatures. She tiptoed through the crowd gingerly. There were so many , she felt she would never be through the bunch at all. She began moving faster, stepping on a furry little cottontail here, and a soft round toe there. She ran through the bunnies, now heedless of what soft spot she fell on. The ground felt like a puddle of cotton. With each step her feet sank into the softness.

Finally she found green ground again and was able run faster than before. She looked back, but to her terror the rabbits were hopping after her, to them it was a fantastic game I am sure. In the distance she spotted the mouth of a small cave, and thought if she could just make it there she would be quite safe. I am sure she must not have been thinking clearly. For when in the history of storytelling  is it ever wise to run INTO the mouth of a large, dark,  unexplored cave. Yet this is what she did, and as she did so she found herself free from her fluffy followers. She also found her feet wet to the ankles. The girl realized that there must be a puddle in the cave. she took a step forward to see if it became deeper, but it did not. She took another step, still testing, and the water remained at an even level. She splashed about and kicked her feet, frolicking and giddy. She was spinning around in circles when a little light far in the cave caught her eye. She thought it must be the other end, and that consequently that this must not be a cave after all, but a subterranean tunnel. She was delighted, and immediately headed after the light. She soon discovered that her discovery was false, and the light did not get larger on approach, as another entrance should. But the cave became darker and the water slightly deeper, about to her knees. Still, she had to find out what this glimmer was, and consequently, foolishly; followed it on. Very soon she was quite close to the orb, it was so dark, and so hard to see anything else. It appeared to be just a light floating from a line of some sort. Her eyes followed the line with difficulty and she was able to vaguely make out the shape of some huge, hulking creature. All of a sudden there was a blinding light, and the creature became clear. It was an enormous fish with teeth as long as her arms, and a mouth opened wide enough to swallow her whole. It went dark again, and the girls useless eyes saw several creatures swirling around her view. She fell backwards, which may have been the very thing that saved her, as the extremely bulky fish was rather awkward in water and could not reach her from that angle. She felt the fish thrashing furiously in the water and slowly crab crawled away from it.  Taking her feet, she dashed from the cave. She scurried through the woods and thicket, heedless of direction. She ran ceaselessly for almost a mile until she stumbled out of the woods at last tired wet, and still veggie mouthed.

She was home at last. Her mother shrieked in the house, and rushed to greet her only to shriek again upon sight of her horrible mouth. Her mother almost threw her in the car, and they arrived shortly at the dentists office, some traffic laws surely being broken in the process. It took a long while to extricate the veggies, from the girls incisors. Try as she might, the girl could never develop a taste for vegetables, but I feel that she was distinctly less rotten afterwards.

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One Response to The Girl With a Vegetable Mouth

  1. Laura Jacob says:

    so clever, I loved it !!!

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