Cereal Star


There once was a     cereal box   who lived in a     Pompeii    . He loved    scuba suits    so much that he     sneezed   .  In fact he would      sneeze     with his      scuba suits    pretty much every day! After a while     the cereal box     got tired of doing the same thing every single day. One day the     cereal box    decided he would do something crazy. He     yodeled  an   eggplant   . His neighbors were amazed, and wondered how he could do something so strange, so unusual, so brilliant!  The next day     the cereal box   looked out his window to see the entire neighborhood  yodeling   with   eggplants   . Someone called    McGuyver   and pretty soon they were on    Pushing Daisies  . The rest of the town joined the act and became famous for   yodeling with eggplants   . They joined a traveling   flea circus      and toured the entire    Disneyland  .      Toast and Eggs    came from everywhere  to see the    flea circus.   Eventually   the cereal box  longed for his home in    Pompeii     he missed the   craters , and the   sneezes. The cereal box  left the    flea circus  and lived for    a google   years enjoying the    sneezes  , and the    craters .

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