This Marvelous Menagerie created by the beautiful Emaline! Thank you Love! You are so talented!

Gary Gorillas life is pretty ordinary. Every morning he wakes up, scratches his scalp, and makes his straw. Then he waits for the professor to bring his breakfast. He usually has fruit, leaves, roots, seeds, or occasionally caterpillars. He exercises at the gym for a while before class starts. He gives a shout out to his buddy Emmy Elephant in the next pen. Emmy’s a little sensitive about her weight, so she pretends not to notice Gary’s rigorous workout. George Giraffe is in the pen opposite Emmy. He heads over to say, “hello,” during breakfast. Across from George is Leon Lion. Leon does tend to incite bitterness among the other animals because of his assumed superiority. He is always roaring something about being the king.  There are many other animals as well. Helga, Holga, and Hans; are the hyenas, and they are rather rude. There is Arlo Anaconda; watch out for his hand-shake. Peers Peacock, who is constantly showing off for his lady Penny Peafowl. Zida Zebra is dizzying, Ken Komodo has pungent breath, and Horace Hippo likes to throw his weight around.

The animals are all students at the local Zoosophical Observatory of Omnivores, or ZOO for short. The elephants are educated, the lions are learned, the snakes are schooled, and the gorillas are grilled night and day. They observe the habits and behavior of the strangest lanky bipedal creatures. Otherwise known as Homo sapiens, you know people. Although the cubs are cute but the older ones are just odd.

The day starts out pretty routinely. A few of the juvenile’s pound on Gary’s window. Some use crazy eyes, trying to incite a massive temper tantrum from Gary. The professors continually warn the visitors to not stare directly at him or else he might attack. It hasn’t stopped them yet. If anything the admonition has only heightened their interest. Next comes a funny sight, there is a short one on a leash. It appears to be female and is zooming about like a bee. These humans, what they won’t think of next.

Here comes a mature male, he is really tall. His fur looks like a short mop on the top of his head. His nose resembles Henry Hawks beak. He has a long neck like George, Gary wonders if the man might be related somehow. His legs and arms are long, like a spiders and he seems to not know what to do with them. He gives Gary the creeps, he has to remind himself that the people are all fenced in. There is Professor Troughman, he’s here to give a lecture. The subject is on letters today. He is carrying a basket with wood blocks, and . . . Bananas! MMMM.

There is a lull during the lunch hour, then the hall fills with subjects again. Now is time to observe, Gary sits in front of his sand pad to make notes, he writes with his finger. Here is one it is a small one, it’s short hair is the color of a fresh banana. It appears to be a male. He has a truck in it’s hand, he drives the truck on the glass for a moment before his mother grabs his arm and squawks at him. The tall ones seem to control the little ones. Gary writes. The youth drives his car on Arlo’s window. Gary revises his notes, at least they think they do. There is an adult leading a line of young. She walks past Gary with barely a glance. The children want to stop, but she seems determined to make it a quick trip. Another interesting observation, it seems that the full-fledged seem to not pay as much attention, the fledglings however are fascinated. Gary wonders when the love of learning is extinguished in the bipeds. Next there are two who seemed intertwined, with long arms wrapped around hips.  Gary has to look twice just to make sure they are not linked at the waist. They are not. Professor has mentioned that this state is called courtship. A strange behavior to Gary who is a bachelor.

At the end of the day Gary looks over his notes, and compares with Emmy. George pops his head in and tells about the most interesting happenings of the day. He has the best view. Then they wish each other sweet dreams, they will begin it all again the next day. A student needs plenty of rest after all, especially when there are so many wonderful things to learn.

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2 Responses to Zoo-School

  1. Laura Jacob says:

    I like the perspective of the animals studying us

  2. aluchia says:

    Thanks! I’ve been chewing on this one for a while.

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