The Leprechaun of No Gold

Seamus LaConnor was a leprechaun, the most fortunate of all the little people because he was wed to the most beautiful of all little folk. His brides name was Mary, she was one of the fairies, a fairy princess in fact. Now, you may have heard that Leprechaun gold is enchanted and you’d be right. Every year they “earn” more gold in their pot o’ gold. Since leprechauns never spend, only hoard. They accumulate quite a bit of gold. Well, LaConnor had a problem, his fairy wife kept spending his gold faster than he could “grow it.” One day he came home from causing a a boatload of mischief on a “Green Isles Cruise.” Beautiful Mary sat at the dinner table with tearstained eyes, and a handkerchief.  “I spent it all Seamus,” she said. LaConnor stood shocked. “There’s only one gold piece left in the pot! We’re ruined!”

LaConnor went to see his friend Angus O’Mally and tell him of his plight, but thought he’d first visit the rainbows end and check on his pot o’ gold, just to make sure there really was nothing left. When he got there he found the tale true. There was but one lone gold coin, which he quickly put in his pocket for safe keeping, for everyone knows that a double of one is still two, however, a double of nothing will always be nothing. Better keep it safe, then let it be spent. No sooner had he pocketed the piece than he felt himself snatched with his pot into a very large hand. He looked around and there stood ten or fifteen armed men dressed in black uniforms marked with a large LDU. “Oh mercy,mercy” thought LaConnor, “not the Leprechaun Disposal Unit! What shall I do?” He decided to say nothing. “We finally got one, a real leprechaun!” said one, who looked like the leader. “Wait there’s no gold in this pot, He’s not a real leprechaun, he must have found the pot abandoned,” said another. “But he’s small like a leprechaun, hey wait I bet he’s one o’ those wingless fairies. What do they call them? Nowairies! Ha-ha-ha” They all laughed at the leaders poor idea of a joke. LaConnors fists swung furiously as he bristled at their insults. The leader put him down, “Hey get lost you, before I change my mind, and decide to put you in a puppet show.” He needed no more telling than that and was soon far away.

Once again on the road towards Angus home and, carrying his empty pot behind him. He walked and his pot made a thump, thump on the ground. He saw a flash out of the corner of his eye. Thump, thump, thump, another flash, with a distinct tinge of red this time. Banshees, they were always trying to catch him. He thought up a quick plan, he hid in the bushes, and waited until he saw one flash across his path. He stuck his mouth partially into his cauldron and let out his best wolfhound impression. He heard ghastly shrieks. The banshee turned tail and fled. Wolfhounds are the only creatures that can destroy a banshee, so you can imagine their hatred of the creatures. Seamus chuckled to himself about how handy his empty pot had been in that instance.

Now he was almost to his friends home, but instead spied his friend Angus through the window of their favorite soda shop. He walked in and patted his friends shoulder, “Hey there Angus, I’ve got a terrible story to tell. Well I love me Mary, somethin’ fierce, but she’s done me in this time.” About that time old Lorcan and his cronies stumbled over and grabbed the empty pot from LaConnor and started heckling him about it being empty. Well Angus let loose with a punch in the nose, (Which you never do, by the way). They had a doosy of a scuffle before they were all thrown out. Seamus sat on his bottom with his best friend and they laughed. He realized that gold or no his friend was still beside him. Suddenly a little empty pot o’ gold seemed like a smaller thing than it had before.

They must have laughed for an hour. Seamus87 wandered home then, and on the way thought on the strange events of the day. He had escaped capture, scared the bejeebies out of a banshee, and taught Lorcan and his gang a right good lesson, all without any gold at all. He looked down at the empty pot and wondered what made that black tarnished pot so special anyway. He had had more good fortune today with his fortune was spent, than his whole life before the day. Angus got home, set the pot on the table and enjoyed a steaming plate of bangers and mash with his best gal.

He did eventually put his piece of gold back in the pot to multiply, no use in letting it go to waste now is there.

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