Cloud Talk


Illustration Thanks to Emma Klingbeil. To see more of her work visit her Etsy shop Little Creature Art at

For my lovely Ethnie!


I was lying with my girl,

out on the grass,

Watching the lonely clouds go past,

We looked and saw many white, but one grey,

She wondered, “Did all the grey ones run away?”


In my mind I contemplated,


Why is there one lonely storm cloud about?

“Perhaps they were friends and the white shouted out,

It’s a white cloud party, would you come too,

The grey joined in and away they flew,”


“Mommy, clouds don’t have parties” she stated


“Well maybe the white are beluga mommies,

Swimming in the plentiful bright blue seas,

The grey is a baby, just a one month calf,

The mommies are all working on his behalf.


“But Mommy, whales live in the oceans,


“Perhaps the grey is a princess,” I say

“The whites must be princes, trying to carry her away,

At the ball the princess will only choose one

Then her heart will forever be won,”


“Mommy, they’d fall through if they danced in the heavens,”


“What if a Mother was doing her laundry?

She was doing her whites, but the load was a sundry,

Somehow or other a black sock got in,

Soon all those whites will be grey as tin,”


“Mommy, why does laundry matter?”


“Ok. So what if the white clouds are not very nice,

They tease the grey cloud because of his size,

He gets so upset that he fills up with fury,

And that’s why he’s grey and billowy stormy,


“Mommy, clouds aren’t prone to unkind chatter.”


“What if the clouds are the chariots of the gods,

One was dirty so they all were at odds,

About what to do, Hera wanted it scrubbed,

Zeus thought it manlier to leave on the mud,”


“Who are they?” my little girl queries.


“What if the grey is a great huge elephant,

The white are but little circus tents,

Where people from all over the earth will swarm,

To see the greatest of elephants perform.”


“Mommy, how will anyone get there, space ferries?”


“Well maybe a huge little girl in the sky,

Starts with a blue shade, coloring high,

Then picks up a crayon thinking it white,

But is surprised to find it not quite”


“Mommy, no one is huge enough for that.”


Well, perhaps it is a lone cumulonimbus cloud that was caught in a bunch of regular cumulous clouds, indicating an impending change in weather. It is the early onset of localized climate change. It is nothing more or less, than an premature indicator of a new storm cell moving in the area. . . .

. . . .


The little girl just thought and sat,


. . . .“But mommy, couldn’t it really be this,

That one of the clouds played in a muddy abyss,

The white ones stayed clean, they knew they’d be stymied,

If they came home from play, new clothes all grimied, . . . .


.  . . “Yes, I’m certain that’s it” I replied with a kiss on her hat.




If you and your child would like to explore the sky further go here for more meteorological fun!


Or if you want to explore more about beautiful beluga whales go here is a fabulous resource.


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